Order fulfillment

1. In order to purchase please contact me by email, by phone, or via the Form by specifying the name and item number.

2. After establishing contact between two parties I reserve the item pending untill I receive the confirmation of the money transfer, in no more than three days period.

3. Please, transfer money in full into an account. In the case of a personal collection, please pay an advance payment of 30% of the value of the item.

4. Please send the confirmation by email  to: antyki. szewska@gmail. com.

5. After the confirmation I consider the item to be sold and I transer the item to the “Sold” cathegories on my web page.

6. I deliver the furnite within 31 days in Poland.

7. The remaining range of shipment in Poland I deliver within 7 days after payment is received.

8. The Furniture shown on the website from 2016 I deliver gratis in Poland only. The cost of transport of the furniture shown prior to 2016  is given at the bottom of the subpage.

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