Antyki krzesła

Price: 1850 zł Specifications: 110 cm high x 46 cm  wide x 43 cm deep Item number: M 123 Description: Set of six chairs in oak, c. 1930 . Condition – mint condition, no renovation required, shellack varnish refreshed, working locks and keys, antique ready to be used. Price of delivery in Poland 200 zł. To order contact us by email … Czytaj dalej

Meble antyki

Price: Sold Specifications: 205 cm high x 220 cm  wide x 52 cm deep Item number: M 397 Description: Carved bookcase in oak, c. 1920. Condition –  mint condition, no renovation required, working locks and keys, antique ready to be used. Delivery price in Poland – 400 zł. To order contact the store by e-mail, by phone or by the Form below … Czytaj dalej